Our WiFi upgrade is complete and we now have more reliable WiFi coverage in all our apartments.

We have replaced all our hotspot routers with new generation hardware, at the same time taking over the running of our hotspot system ourselves, which means we can provide our guests with a much improved service.

However, despite the upgrades to our internet infrastructure we are still reliant on the Australian Governments NBN Interim Satellite Service to connect us to the world wide web. This means that the service is not blindingly fast and quotas are limited, but it is adequate for emailing and basic web surfing. In some ways the lack of a world class internet service is a product of the remote, isolated and pristine environment that makes Gipsy Point special.

Our internet access is free for guests but we reserve the right to limit upload/download quota available.

The Australian Governments NBN Interim Satellite Service is under provisioned and over subscribed thus the service we receive is very limited in terms of bandwidth and download/upload quota. To make the service more usable by reducing traffic on the satellite, the NBN has reduced the already meager quotas by up to 60%. There is nothing that I can do about this, there is no option to increase upload/download quotas and exceeding our limited quota results in shaping of our service to little better than dial-up speeds, at which point our back of house systems become unworkable.

If you have a complaint about our internet service, I would be very grateful if you would please advise the Minister for Communications, Mr Malcolm Turbull and send me a copy.

We are eagerly waiting the launch of the promised (and several times delayed) new dedicated NBN satellite service - but we are not holding our breath.

Posted by Peter Payne

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A perfect place to stay

Very nice surroundings - located in a beautiful setting next to the water front. Spacious and well equipped with washing machine, spa, grill, WLAN, etc. Light modern design. We stayed for two nights and enjoyed it all the time. One night we ordered a sea food platter for the grill - skewers with prawns and scallops as well as fish fillet. Delicious. Next to the house a large number of kangaroos could be seen (30+) grazing. On the terrace we could enjoy the active bird and the water views...

Lars U (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)
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